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Carnelian Barrel Bead Leather Cord Necklace No. 3

Carnelian Barrel Bead Leather Cord Necklace No. 3

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Thin brown leather cord threads through a large orange Carnelian* gemstone barrel bead for this men’s necklace. The focal bead is flanked two large sterling silver beads. It’s secured with sterling silver end caps and lobster clasp. All silver is oxidized for rustic appeal.

  • leather cord is 2mm thick
  • stone bead measures 14mm x 10mm
  • .925 sterling silver

Standard Necklace Sizes for Men:
18" (45.7cm)- Base of the neck (for smaller neck sizes)
20" (50.8cm)- to collarbone (most common length for average men)
22" (55.9cm)- A few inches below the collarbone

*Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony and is a microcrystalline quartz. As a chalcedony, carnelian is formed from the intergrowth of two silica minerals with differing crystal structures: quartz and moganite. Carnelian appears in a vibrant range of fire-orange reds to brown-reds. The reddish tints in the translucent stone are due to one of its ingredients: iron oxide.

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