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Black Leather Chain Braid Necklace, 4mm

Black Leather Chain Braid Necklace, 4mm

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Naturally dyed* black leather cord has been round braided in a "chain" style. Oxidized .925 sterling silver end caps and clasp complete it. A minimalist cool style for men!

Leather cord braid is 4mm thick

Standard Necklace Sizes for Men:
18" (45.7cm)- Base of the neck (for smaller neck sizes)
20" (50.8cm)- to collarbone (most common length for average men)
22" (55.9cm)- A few inches below the collarbone

*Naturally dyed leather is uncoated. The cord is dipped and the dye is absorbed by the leather which results in a softer more pliable braid.

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